Governance at the Chester Playhouse

The Vision, Mission and Mandate of the Playhouse set the framework for our programs, events and community engagement.

Our Vision

We are valued as artistic and community leaders, and as an integral part of our vibrant, culturally rich region.

Our Mission

To offer and promote cultural experiences which engage our community, and to operate a welcoming, accessible, arts facility. 

Our Mandate

Chester Theatre Council is mandated to:

– Source, present, and promote live theatre, a range of music performances, film and other cultural experiences.

– Educational and participatory opportunities for youth and adults

– Mentor and train aspiring arts professionals.

– Collaborate with community partners.

– Engage the citizens of Chester Municipality and area, as well as others who seek shared cultural experiences.

– Sustainably equip, operate, and maintain the Chester Playhouse as a facility that integrates technology and leverages its potential.

The Chester Playhouse is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Membership is drawn from the immediate community and broader region so that we can be effective in linking local knowledge with opportunities to build programs that will strengthen the Playhouse.

Interested in serving the Playhouse as a Board Member? Please write to the Playhouse Board Executive at

Board Members


Susan Crocker – Co-Chair

Liz Crocker – Co-Chair

Sara Filbee – Vice Chair

Judi Vincent – Secretary


John Campbell

Debi Conrad

Dee Dee Dyer

Robert (Bob) F. Healy

Kirk MacCulloch

Mark Narsansky