Support the theatre you love!

For over 80 years, the Chester Playhouse has played a unique and important role within the Chester Community by bringing world-class theatre and entertainment to audiences of all ages.

The Chester Playhouse has played a vital role in shaping Chester’s past, and with your help, we can continue to build upon its success into the future. 

As a not-for-profit theatre, we rely on the generosity of our individual donors for approximately 60% of our funding.

How do I make my donation?

It’s easy! Donate online by clicking this link. A tax receipt will be provided immediately after. You can also donate by calling or visiting our Box office. Of course, you can also mail a cheque to the Playhouse.

Please make a cheque payable to:

Chester Theatre Council
22 Pleasant Street
Chester NS B0J 1J0


If you wish to donate securities, please download the attached form.

Every Playhouse Donor Makes A Difference!

The generosity of our local community inspires us and helps keep the Playhouse affordable for local residents and visitors to our community.

The following donors made a contribution between June 2018 – September 2019.

Thank You!

Leaders + ($2,000+)

Anonymous (1)

Cambell, Wes & Diane

Chester Drama Society

Cleather, Ted & Joan

Hall, Doug & Porter, Sherry

Hunkin, John & Crocker, Susan

Mann, David & Lois Dyer

Mitchell, Philip & Naransky, Mark

Moore, Tim & Bernardine

Murphy, Thomas & Glenda

Nemeskeri, Georg

Potter, Carl & Rae

Risley, John

Spatz, Jim & MacDonald, Val

Wilson, Rose

Leaders ($750-$1999)

Ayling/John Robert/Philip

Crocker, Elizabeth

Dyer, Paul & Deedee

Field, Christopher

Foster, Richard

Fountain, Elizabeth & Fred

Gross, Andrew & Nora

Leland, Dean

McDermaid, Peter

Munroe, Donald

Robertson, Leigh

Towler, Bruce & Steele, Judy

Vincent, Judith & Tom

Builders ($250 – $749)

Anonymous (3)

Amiro, Esther & Peter

Andrea, Dr Maureen

Belliveau, Robert & Susan

Black, Fiona & Malcolm

Boyne, Thomas & Conrad, Deborah

Breeze, Jim & Debbie

Calkin, Dr. Joy

Connolly, Dave & Nancy

Demone, Henry

Dewis, Fraser & Marilyn

Dimitroff, James & Dolly

Dodds, Colin & Carol

Donovan, Maureen

Ferry, Susan & Meszaros, Steve

Filbee, Sara K

Findlay, Peggy & Bush, Steve

Fraser, Dr. J. Rod & Gail

Fraser, Gregor & Linda

Fraser, R. Jo

Fraser, Suzan

Gerard, Michele

Giffin, Gerry & Saffrey, Mary-Jane

Huskilson, Chris & Kim

Keating, Pamela

Matthews, Malcolm & Sandra

McCurdy, John & Lili

McLean, Leslie

Miller, David & Murray, Nancy

Pattillo, Jim & Sue

Peters, Jennifer

Read, Catherine

Sapp, George & Claudette

Shaw, Robbie & Jean

Shaw, Allan & Leslie

Spahr, Stewart & Sidney

Spraggs, Cynthia

Sullivan, Timothy & Gingras, Francine

Totman, David & Lisa

Unwin, Tim & Anne

Veinot, Virginia

Young, Linda

Community Circle ($20-249)


Anning, Jeff

Anthony, Cathy & William

Ashcroft, David

Baker, Anne

Barry, Ann

Bayer, Margaret J

Belanger, Maryse

Booher, Paula

Bowen, Kathryn

Burridge, Jeff & Poppke, Donald

Butler, Charlotte

Chandler, John & Susan

Connolly, Judy

Cottreau, Simone

Creaser, Larry & Janet

Creighton, Julia & Frevola, Michael

Cribb, Alastair

Curry, Dawn

Curry, John & Donna

Davis, Marcia & Andrew

Dennis, Gay

Dingwell, Roma

Drake, Wendy

Dube, Jacques

Dumaresq, Sydney & Sandy

Eisner, Rosemarie & Robert

Flinn, Paul & Jill

Foshay, Gary

Fox, Keith

Frank, Robert & Elizabeth

Gallagher, Joseph

Gatszegi, Stephanie

Gent, Marni

Gore, George & Erin

Gregor, Frances

Grenager, Suzanne & Trond

Hancock, Diana

Harris, Timothy

Harrison, Marilyn & Reid

Hatch, Nancy

Hilchie, Bill & Diana

Housego, Kenneth

Howard, Theresa

Hyslop, David

Jamieson, Frances

Johnson, Rita

Josey, Sharron

Kaczorowski, Michael

Kennedy, Michael

Koloff, Kevin and Anne

Lambert, Anne & Welch, Tom

Langille, Joan

Langille, Terri

Laurie, Michael & Erla

Legg, Michael

Leppard, Jacqueline

Lindsay, Stewart

Logie, Gail & Ian

Lyons, Mary Anne

MacCulloch, Kirk & Beth

MacInnes, Ian & Rosemary

MacLean, Peggy & Dave

MacNeil, William

Maloney, Pam

Marineau, Suzanne

Marrie, Tom & Kathie

McKnight, Kelly

McMillan, James

McNamara, Kevin

McNeill, Sylvia & Duncan

Middleton, William

Miles, Richard & Janet

Moore, Senator Wilfred P.

Moreside, Janice

Morse, Christopher

Nash, Jeanne & Ned

Nicolle, Sharon

Norman, Ross & Willa

Norwood, Tobias & Carol Ann

Nunn, Rowena

Nunn-Porter, Barbie

Oland, Richard

O’Neill, Tim & Valerie

Petrie, Eileen

Prince, Beatrice

Publicover, Eleanor

Rachals, Richard

Redmond, Barry

Richman, Barbara

Ross, Cathy

Sapp, George & Claudette

Smith, Ceilidh

Steeves, Lori

Stevenson, Elbert & Marjorie

Stonehouse, Pamela & Grant

Surrette, Mila

Thomas, Gary

Toogood, Deborah

Townsend, Dale

Uerz, Inez

Uluer, Hakan

Van Barneveld, Otto

Warner, Trina

Watson, David & Patricia

Wilkins, Jane

Wieser, Linda

Zinck, Nateleen & Maurice