Support the theatre you love!

For 80 years, the Chester Playhouse has played a unique and important role within the Chester Community. By bringing world-class theatre and entertainment to audiences of all ages.

The Chester Playhouse has played a vital role in shaping Chester’s past, and with your help, we can continue to build upon its success into the future. 

As a not-for-profit theatre, we rely on the generosity of our partners, sponsors and private donors.

How do I make my donation?

It’s easy… Donate online by clicking this link You can also donate by calling/visiting our Box office. or by mail with your cheque.

Please make a cheque payable to:

Chester Theatre Council
22 Pleasant Street
Chester NS B0J 1J0



Thank you to the following individuals for their financial contributions. The generosity of our local community inspires us. Hundreds of people support the Playhouse to help us provide entertainment and programming that is accessible for all. The following people made a contribution between June 2018 – September 2019.

Leaders Plus ($2,000+)

Anonymous (1)

Cambell, Wes & Diane

Chester Drama Society

Cleather, Ted & Joan

Hall, Doug & Porter, Sherry

Hunkin, John & Crocker, Susan

Mann, David & Lois Dyer

Mitchell, Philip & Naransky, Mark

Moore, Tim & Bernardine

Murphy, Thomas & Glenda

Nemeskeri, Georg

Potter, Carl & Rae

Risley, John

Spatz, Jim & MacDonald, Val

Wilson, Rose

Leaders ($750-$1999)

Ayling/John Robert/Philip

Crocker, Elizabeth

Dyer, Paul & Deedee

Field, Christopher

Foster, Richard

Fountain, Elizabeth & Fred

Gross, Andrew & Nora

Leland, Dean

McDermaid, Peter

Munroe, Donald

Robertson, Leigh

Towler, Bruce & Steele, Judy

Vincent, Judith & Tom

Builders ($250 – $749)

Anonymous (3)

Amiro, Esther & Peter

Andrea, Dr Maureen

Belliveau, Robert & Susan

Black, Fiona & Malcolm

Boyne, Thomas & Conrad, Deborah

Breeze, Jim & Debbie

Calkin, Dr. Joy

Connolly, Dave & Nancy

Demone, Henry

Dewis, Fraser & Marilyn

Dimitroff, James & Dolly

Dodds, Colin & Carol

Donovan, Maureen

Ferry, Susan & Meszaros, Steve

Filbee, Sara K

Findlay, Peggy & Bush, Steve

Fraser, Dr. J. Rod & Gail

Fraser, Gregor & Linda

Fraser, R. Jo

Fraser, Suzan

Gerard, Michele

Giffin, Gerry & Saffrey, Mary-Jane

Huskilson, Chris & Kim

Keating, Pamela

Matthews, Malcolm & Sandra

McCurdy, John & Lili

McLean, Leslie

Miller, David & Murray, Nancy

Pattillo, Jim & Sue

Peters, Jennifer

Read, Catherine

Sapp, George & Claudette

Shaw, Robbie & Jean

Shaw, Allan & Leslie

Spahr, Stewart & Sidney

Spraggs, Cynthia

Sullivan, Timothy & Gingras, Francine

Totman, David & Lisa

Unwin, Tim & Anne

Veinot, Virginia

Young, Linda

Community Circle ($20-249)


Anning, Jeff

Anthony, Cathy & William

Ashcroft, David

Baker, Anne

Barry, Ann

Bayer, Margaret J

Belanger, Maryse

Booher, Paula

Bowen, Kathryn

Burridge, Jeff & Poppke, Donald

Butler, Charlotte

Chandler, John & Susan

Connolly, Judy

Cottreau, Simone

Creaser, Larry & Janet

Creighton, Julia & Frevola, Michael

Cribb, Alastair

Curry, Dawn

Curry, John & Donna

Davis, Marcia & Andrew

Dennis, Gay

Dingwell, Roma

Drake, Wendy

Dube, Jacques

Dumaresq, Sydney & Sandy

Eisner, Rosemarie & Robert

Flinn, Paul & Jill

Foshay, Gary

Fox, Keith

Frank, Robert & Elizabeth

Gallagher, Joseph

Gatszegi, Stephanie

Gent, Marni

Gore, George & Erin

Gregor, Frances

Grenager, Suzanne & Trond

Hancock, Diana

Harris, Timothy

Harrison, Marilyn & Reid

Hatch, Nancy

Hilchie, Bill & Diana

Housego, Kenneth

Howard, Theresa

Hyslop, David

Jamieson, Frances

Johnson, Rita

Josey, Sharron

Kaczorowski, Michael

Kennedy, Michael

Koloff, Kevin and Anne

Lambert, Anne & Welch, Tom

Langille, Joan

Langille, Terri

Laurie, Michael & Erla

Legg, Michael

Leppard, Jacqueline

Lindsay, Stewart

Logie, Gail & Ian

Lyons, Mary Anne

MacCulloch, Kirk & Beth

MacInnes, Ian & Rosemary

MacLean, Peggy & Dave

MacNeil, William

Maloney, Pam

Marineau, Suzanne

Marrie, Tom & Kathie

McKnight, Kelly

McMillan, James

McNamara, Kevin

McNeill, Sylvia & Duncan

Middleton, William

Miles, Richard & Janet

Moore, Senator Wilfred P.

Moreside, Janice

Morse, Christopher

Nash, Jeanne & Ned

Nicolle, Sharon

Norman, Ross & Willa

Norwood, Tobias & Carol Ann

Nunn, Rowena

Nunn-Porter, Barbie

Oland, Richard

O’Neill, Tim & Valerie

Petrie, Eileen

Prince, Beatrice

Publicover, Eleanor

Rachals, Richard

Redmond, Barry

Richman, Barbara

Ross, Cathy

Sapp, George & Claudette

Smith, Ceilidh

Steeves, Lori

Stevenson, Elbert & Marjorie

Stonehouse, Pamela & Grant

Surrette, Mila

Thomas, Gary

Toogood, Deborah

Townsend, Dale

Uerz, Inez

Uluer, Hakan

Van Barneveld, Otto

Warner, Trina

Watson, David & Patricia

Wilkins, Jane

Wieser, Linda

Zinck, Nateleen & Maurice